Thursday, 24 March 2011

Maps and Sea Monsters

When looking into 16th century maps of the world there seems to be a lot of weird sea monsters dotted around the place. One reason for this could be that it is like a diary of where the crew have been and where they saw each monster. Another reason could be that when they were making the map they put the monsters where they hadn't explored and was unaware of what was there, therefore the monsters were a symbol for the void of the world.

The Sublime

The sublime - possibly the sea and the sublime

  • Longinus, writing in the classical historical tradition says that the sublime implies that man can, in emotions and in language, transcend the limits of the human condition.
  • Kant says that sublimity does not reside in anything of nature, but only in our mind, insofar as we can become conscious that we are superior to nature within, and therefore also to nature without us (so far as it influences us)

Artist Research - 'In the belly of a Shark - The Gallows' - Dan Mumford

Dan Mumford - Gallows - 'In The Belly Of A Shark' - This images shows the power of the sea, with the sea taking over everything it touches. The void swallowing everything up.

Artist Research - 'Leviathan LP - Mastodon' - Paul Romano

Paul Romano - Mastodon - Leviathan LP (2004) - To me this is this image shows the sublime, with religion/gods, beautiful patterns.

Artist Research - 'Dominion' - Angela Cockayne

 Pen Arts - Dominion [what does this mean?- A territory or sphere of influence or control; a realm.] Angela Cockayne

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

In the Beginning

I want the Stultifera Navis (Ship of Fools), the name of the vessel the crew is sailing on, to set sail from St Nicholas Island.

This is because for as long as I can remember i've always wanted to not only explore the island but live there. Also because of this the island itself is a void.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Using literature - how entities emerge from nothing.  Almost like a feeling of paranoia that is something bigger, more limitless.  that's the idea of the void, and the scale of the limitless.

Working out a way to figure out the mass of the earth - the size of black holes.  When we try to desribe something