Thursday, 5 May 2011


Day 0 (Doesn’t exist = void)
Name: Edward Magpie,
(When people are unsure about something, have a void in their knowledge, they turn to religion/ superstitions, one of them being how many magpies they have seen and the amount corresponds to an amount of, or lack of, luck)
Age: 47
(An age that feels incomplete)
Day 1
·      Breakfast – boiled egg and dippers (Dipping into a life that never was), pouched fish 
Breakfast made by my wife, Rose Magpie.
·      Get the Stultifera Navis ready to sail.
·      Leave St Nicolas Island.
·      Make sure bad superstitions don’t effect the voyage
o   Silver coin under masthead ensures safe voyage.
o   Pouring wine on deck; a liberation to the Gods.
The Crew
Tim the Cat – Good luck Black cat
Robin (Casso – Latin for void) (Sounds like Robinson Crusoe)– First Mate, expert fisherman, if there was something to be caught he’d catch it, birds, fish, women.
(Peacock – the feathers are meant to be connected with luck) (le Vent – French for ‘the wind – the wind is a void never actually seen only seen through the movement of other things) – Artist, surgeon, net weaver, expert in knot tying, has very nimble fingers.
Gulley (the void between two large land masses) Cooper– Ships Cook, ‘Gulley’s Galley’, he decided that unlike his forefathers he wasn’t interested in the making of barrels but what was contained within them, thus becoming the size and shape of one.
Christopher (St Christopher – patron saint of long journeys) Crowe – lives in The Crowe’s Nest, plays guitar, a quiet, reserved man but with the eyesight unmatched by any man I’ve known. 
Dolphins (mad whales) seen, meant to be souls of dead sailers
Day 2
Still got void in him, If only rose was allowed on deck
Caught: Mallet headed shark (illustration)
Day 4
Caught: Hoofed manatee (illustration)
Day 11
Tale of how islands are grown.
Caught: Crabs (illustration)
Day 13
Caught: Seeeinhorn (Illustration)
Day 20
Explain storm (cat licking fur a certain way makes the weather change according to superstition) and then Stay on Jasconius, giant whale (illustration) ; thinking it’s an island.
The Tale of Larus Island
Day 27
Go to Larus Island to stock up on food and fresh water, I do hate the taste of distilled sea water, no matter how much you get rid of the salt something always stays, Cooper always said that’s the thing that makes fish into leviathans.
Day 29

Day 38
To stop cabin fever, Play a game of Ship, Captain, and Crew, also known as Ship of Fools,
Day 41
Go past the Bermuda triangle (illustration of eye – all seeing eye) Tell the tale of Atlas and Atlantis

Day 44
Caught: Bearded Whale
Day 47
Catch first sight of the Chimera (lion, snake, horned animal) (Main illustration)
Day 60
Try and catch the Chimera after chasing
Day 77
Catching the Chimera. Casso and I fought with the behemoth.