Thursday, 20 January 2011

Harvard Referencing Task

“From the beginning of time man has been involved with the sea. Fishing, hunting and a natural curiosity to explore has led man to the great oceans, where huge sea-monsters, the Leviathans, were seen. “
                                                                                                        (Andrews, 1972 p3)
This book goes in depth describing such things as Sea Monsters, early oceanography and the deep oceans. All these topics, as well as others, I’m interested in, seeing as though all this information will be used in my ‘void’ project for a believe the sea is the biggest void just below space/the universe.
“The oceans are on average two and a half miles deep, and some parts are nearly seven miles deep”
                                                                                                         (Andrews, 1972 p4)

Andrews, K., (1972) Beneath the Oceans. 2nd ed. London: Macdonald & Co Ltd.

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