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The Poetics of Space - Gaston Bachelard


'Too much space smothers us much more than if there were not enough.' (Bachelard, 1994 p221)               The void - empty space, space to be filled, is space smothering
How can I use space in the layout of my text
Do I need to consider the way space effects emotions, I want the layout of my pages to be evocative of what is being talked about
If I have a section of text where Edward or another character feels smother could I use more space around the words
'Intimate space loses its clarity, while exterior space loses its void, void being the raw material of possibility of being. We are banished from the realm of possibility.'
(Bachelard, 1994 p218)
The void holds the possibilities of being, without the void there are no possibilities to be.
Is Edward banished from the realm of possibility? Where is his journey taking him? To the void? Away from the void?
If he is dead does the void exist?
As he goes up and discovered each plain which in itself is a void does it no longer exist as a void?
What is the void and how can it be explored as a concept in narrative? So through exploring the void through narrative I am filling the void with narrative
If the void is possibilities I am exploring one possible way of filling the void. By choosing one ‘possibility’ do all other possible ways of filling the void cease to exist?
Am I extinguishing the possibilities by choosing one
Narrative has to be linear, therefore certain possibilities are no longer viable. But strands of narrative could sill be explored creating new voids So by extinguishing one void countless new voids are made
If void = possibility then when void is filled/explored - through that unmeasurable new possibilities arise
'...that the daydreamer transports the dreamer outside the immediate world to a world that bears the mark of infinity.' (Bachelard, 1994 p183)
Is Edward moving outside of the immediate world into infinity (the plains)?
Possible start to story - Edward thinking/dreaming by himself beginning of his journey
Him becoming enlightened is in his mind, enlightenment is a spiritual/mental change therefore his is (^ quote) through his journey of enlightenment he is being transported outside the world/ to infinity
The plains themselves show him becoming more enlightened - as he is being physically transported through the plains his state of mind is also moving
Is Edward dying?
As he becomes enlightened he is dying - if you want to know the meaning of life you have to die.
'The world is large but in us it is deep as the sea' (Bachelard, 1994 p183)
The imagination - using the example of the depth of the sea - endless? So the world becomes endless
Physically the depth of the sea = infinity
The sea = imagination/infinity = endless possibilities = the void
Nautical tales links to the sea, links to ^
Once he sets sail from stonehaven, he is always on the sea whenever he is on the plain he is still on the sea.
Because of the links in the story to Edward and the sea he is....
Existing within a void, existing within enlightenment
Enlightenment is void
The void is not knowing the meaning of your life?
'As soon as we become motionless, we are elsewhere; we are dreaming in a world that is immense. Indeed, immensity is the movement of the motionless man.' (Bachelard, 1994 p184)
Immensity is the movement of the motionless man.
Immensity = infinite possibilities = void
Is Edward motionless - his moving through the plains is him dying so is he already dead therefore motionless?
As he’s going through the plains the physical movement means that his mind is growing.
A motionless man has infinite possibilities
A moving man would be taking the possibilities therefore the void is filled.
The void is the void?
Circular theory - balance
Simultaneous equations, to find out the unknown you use the constants (the things that are know)
 Bachelard, G (1994) The Poetics Of Space. Boston. Beacon Press.

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