Monday, 23 January 2012

Plan too

·      Edward Magpie has lost everything and getting old.
·      He still lives on St Nicholas Island but his wife and child have left to the mainland, Tim died of old age. (A void in his heart and body)
·      It’s a rainy day, Ted is looking out of the window thinking about his purpose in life.
·      Loriette Daze, Edward’s friend shows him a map of where The Stone Haven is.
·      He sets off to The Stone Haven, where people go to spend the last years of their life. There he goes to see the Isaacs sisters, giantesses who can see the past (Brown, long hair, shortest, with Lion), present (blonde, short hair, tallest, with spirit bear) and future (Red, semi long hair, with owl), able to read and interpret the void of time and what fills it.
·      They tell him of the 9 parallel plains above the one we live on. As you go up through the plains life becomes better and better until on the 9th plain (the opposite of the 9 circles of hell) you learn the meaning of YOUR life (The ultimate personal void) – You can never find out THE meaning of life.
·      He gets the Navis’ crew back again – making sure of all the superstitions again.

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