Monday, 19 March 2012

The Uncanny: An Introduction - Nicholas Royle

The Uncanny can mean weird, strange, alien as the dictionary defines it as.
Royle also states that it can be the combination of something familiar co existing with something unfamiliar
The uncanny involves feelings of uncertainty, in particular regarding the reality of who one is and what is being experienced. Suddenly one’s sense of oneself (of one’s so-called ‘personality’ or ‘sexuality’, for example) seems strangely questionable."
How does this relate to Edward?

In the beginning of the story Edward is questioning his very existence.

Questioning the rain.

Where it comes from.

Royle also states that the uncanny is:

'...a peculiar commingling of the familiar and unfamiliar. '

 An example of this is when the crew go to each plain, for the plains are versions of the plain they know but with slight changes the more and more enlightened they become. A good example being Benjamin Bottle, a dolphin, which is very familiar but he talks which is familiar but not for a dolphin.

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